Thursday, 5 July 2012

DIY Hand Harness

My new jewellery obsession is hand harness's. These are basically a ring and a bracelet that you wear that are connected together by a chain. They are so pretty and delicate and I think they add a perfect touch of glam to your outfit :) I brought my hand harness from Topshop for £15 (ouch but I am jewellery crazy) only for it to promptly snap in two about two weeks later. The chain always used to come away from the ring, which was annoying, but fixable, and now the actual bracelet itself has snapped  (typical Topshop value for money) I was going to take it back but they don't have any in my local branch so I'm going to see if I can fix somehow.
In the mean time I thought I'd see if I can make my own
They were actually so easy to make, and look so lovely I thought I would share how to make them

You will need

(I recommend getting a cheap necklace from Primark or using an old necklace)
Charms to add your bracelet
Hook and clasp - if you are just using a length of chain that doesn't have one
These are easy to take from old jewellery though


Start by measuring out a length of chain that will sit against your wrist. You
want it so that it sits quite tight against your wrist without much slack, as otherwise it will fall across the back of your hand and your chain that connects to your ring will sag and look wrong.
Using your pliers add the clasp and the hook to either end

Next you need to take another length of chain and attach this using your pliers to your bracelet. This will form the harness part of the bracelet that fall across the back of your hand. It is easier if you do the bracelet up first so you can see where you need it to sit. Either attach it using the end loop on the chain (just prise it gently open with the pliers) or use another hoop from the end of a bracelet to attach it

Try it on at this point just to make sure that everything is fitting and the length of chain is long enough across your hand :)

Try out some charms positioning them on the bracelet so you can see what you like best, without committing yourself to attaching them. You can either attach charms to the bracelet bit or the chain in the middle. Just bear in mind that if you attach something to the chain that lies against the back of your hand, if its too heavy it will pull the bracelet out of shape and annoy the hell out of you when you try to wear

Once your happy with your charm attach it your bracelet. Take the length of chain attached to it and wrap it around your finger. This will form the ring. You want this to be fairly tight or it will slide up and down your finger when its on. Cut the chain and fasten the ring bit together.

*You can substitute this for an actual ring if you have one, but I didn't have any spare ring backs*

You should have something that looks like this

Attach the ring to the chain using your pliers

Voila! :)
I added a bead to the ring to jazz it up a little. You don't have to do this, 
they look just as nice with a simple chain

If you like this style of bracelet I would really recommend
you make your own as they are so easy to do, cheap, and the Topshop ones 
snap ;)

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  1. Everything you have made looks pretty!
    I loved the one in gun metal!

  2. So pretty! x

  3. These are so, so pretty! xx