Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Pretty Glass Jars

I've always been a lover of pretty pictures, and have always horded scrap images from magazines and newspapers and downloaded files and files of 'inspiration' pictures on my lap top of anything from outfits, to hair and make up ideas and cooking. I used to get a lot of images from Pintrest (you should know that it's very addictive if you don't have an account) and then I decided rather than junking up my laptop with masses of downloads, I should do the more logical thing and create an account. I was happily pinning away when I came across these pretty glass jars on a DIY Pin. The idea is you can use them for make up brush storage or pop a little tea light candle in to them and have a really pretty vintage effect in your room. So I decided to make some :) It's so simple to do and only takes 5 minutes

You will need 

Glass jars (any shape or size you like)
Pretty fabric
Fabric scissors
PVA glue and brush
Ribbon or lace to decorate (optional)

First thing you need to do is measure your glass jar so you know how long to cut the strips of fabric. You can roughly guess, or if like me, you have no sense of proportion then you might want to use a ruler and a pencil :)
I measured my strips about an inch in width

Cut your strips out. The neater you cut them the better it will look

Apply a thick stripe of glue down the inside of one of the glass jars, not forgetting the bottom and if your jar has a little lip at the top

Press one strip of fabric down the inside of the jar against the glue. Continue to do so all the way around, alternating with strips of lace if you wish

Voila :) You know have pretty glass make up storage jars or candle holders.
If you do decide to burn candles in them, I would apply a strip of sellotape to the inside rim of the glass jar as an extra precaution, just on the off chance you didn't apply enough glue and the fabric becomes unstuck, and lands on the candle. 

They look so pretty with candles in them 

Cute & pretty easy too.

love and kisses

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  1. Such a beautiful idea, I love collecting images and storing them away for inspiration on a rainy day xxx